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CoCurcumin Recipes

Finally, Curcumin & CoQ10 together with coconut milk for maximum absorption! CoCurcumin™ is a highly absorbable form of turmeric and CoQ10. To aid in absorption we have bound our purified curcuminoids and CoQ10 to medium chain triglycerides derived from dried coconut milk. MCTs aid in fat metabolism and energy production while lending a mild coconut flavor to the formula. CoCurcumin also contains a traditional digestive combination called trikatu which includes black pepper, enhancing the efficacy of turmeric. Using the traditional wisdom of Indian medicine, we have enhanced the absorbability of curcuminoids and CoQ10, to provide a tasty way to support...

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Spring Recipes For Immunity And Fertility

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) It's springtime and we have some ama to get rid of. During this season of birth and growth, some people are feeling the need to conceive children. The recipes below can help with conception but also nurture those without the itch to grow families. The reproductive organs are the last tissue in Ayurvedic nutrition to receive nutrients. They are the most refined and strongest organs that not only produce gametes but also the immune system. These recipes are made to nurture the reproductive system to support immunity, increase chances of getting pregnant, and burn...

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November Recipes

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) November is a dry and windy month. Most of the leaves from trees are littering the ground, reminding us that is time to let go and rejuvenate. This month, we focus on bringing warm, unctuousness, and calm to this transformative month. PUMPKIN DAL Pumpkin contains vitamin C and E, important molecules in strong immune systems. Chana dal provides clean and long-standing protein to make this meal hearty and long-lasting. Spiced with turmeric, an immunomodulator, and spices to improve digestion, this stew-like dish will please everyone in the family. Ingredients: 1 Cup Chana dal (split...

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Summer Recipes For June

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) KHEER Makes 4 servings During this hot season, sweet foods can be our friend-in moderation. Kheer provides an easy-to-digest dessert that is not too sweet but can ameliorate the symptoms of pitta. Be advised that honey is a great sweetener but it is not to be cooked. There are several options to make this dessert listed below. 2.5 cups coconut milk (from the can) 2 tablespoons organic raw sugar 2 cups water ½ cup basmati white rice ¼ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon cardamom ¼ cup raisins (optional) ½ teaspoon rose water (optional) Chopped pistachios...

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Oils and Lotions: What Does Your Skin Want?

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, Nd) There are so many skin care products on the market now, it can be overwhelming. The products claim various purposes, making it easy to have several lotions and creams on one’s vanity table. However, are all of these different kinds of products for lubricating and healing the skin necessary? Natural and simple products may be to the key to healthy and beautiful skin. Ayurveda has extensively used oils to lubricate the precious skin for millennia. These natural substances have a plethora of healing properties, each suited for different people. Furthermore, this medicinal system has...

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