Starting a new habit according to your dosha

              Starting a new habit according to your dosha

The New Year symbolizes a fresh start, a time to set intentions and resolutions. But have you ever wondered why some of us find it easy to stick to these resolutions while others struggle? The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda offers an intriguing perspective. According to Ayurveda, your unique dosha - Vata, Pitta, Kapha, or a mixture of these,  significantly influences your approach to life, including how you set and achieve goals. By understanding the dosha, one can unlock novel strategies that will support and promote success and lasting change rather than taking one of the prescribed rigid approaches so often touted at this time of year. 

Dosha Dynamics

Ayurveda is an over 5,000-year-old system of natural healing and is grounded in the concept of three doshas arising from 5 elemental forces (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether: the space between things). Doshas being the combination of these 5 elements. The interplay between the 3 dosha makes up every unique individual, influencing their physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (earth and water) are the 3 primary doshas with each person having a unique dosha ratio, which shapes their behaviors, preferences, and health. By understanding your predominant dosha, you can tailor your New Year's resolutions in a way that aligns with your intrinsic nature. Some of us require a more gentle approach, while others of us are motivated by strict regimen. In Ayurveda, this is expected and understood as a person’s primary dosha and how it is best served. By exploring each dosha type, you might just find new strategies that resonate with you and can help lead to lasting vitality. 

Vata: The Creative Explorer

Vata types tend to be physically the more lean and long limbed of the dosha. They often crave cold salads yet are cold themselves and are the first to bundle up even when everyone else is comfortable or even hot. If Vata is your predominant dosha, you are likely to be imaginative, energetic, and always in motion. Vatas are known for their creativity and enthusiasm but can sometimes struggle with nervousness, focus and consistency. Your New Year's resolutions are likely ambitious and innovative but keeping them might be challenging due to your fluctuating energy levels and interest. Vata types tend to quickly move on to the next thing or get nervous about actually approaching a problem and then avoid it. Here are some tips that help Vata types succeed:

  • Resolution Style: Embrace your need for creativity and change. Vatas thrive on new experiences and ideas. Instead of rigid goals, opt for flexible resolutions that allow room for spontaneity and creativity.
  • Tips for Success: Focus on grounding activities like yoga, meditation, and nature walks can help stabilize your energy and help you harness your mind. Break your goals into smaller, achievable tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Embrace routines that don't feel restrictive but provide a sense of stability.
  • If You Stumble in Your Goals: Calm down, reevaluate the situation, and give yourself permission to change the goal post to something more attainable that leads to slower but more concrete steps to your goals. 

Pitta: The Passionate Achiever

Pitta people tend to be muscular by nature and enjoy competition. They also love the hotter foods: spicy food, greasy food, alcohol, etc. In Ayurveda, this is seen as a case of someone wanting to eat things that are similar to their nature; however, this is what tips Pitta types out of balance: quickly becoming overweight, irritable, and frustrated. Pittas are the fiery, intense, and goal-oriented individuals who are the most likely to lead out of a group. If Pitta dominates your constitution, you're likely to set ambitious and challenging resolutions. Pittas love to conquer and achieve, but this intense drive can sometimes lead to stress and burnout.

  • Resolution Style: Pittas do well with clear, structured goals. Your resolutions are likely to be precise and measurable. However, it's essential to balance this intensity with activities that nourish and cool the body and mind. If you’re going to go hard after a goal, make sure you make space to relax or you will push yourself too hard. 
  • Tips for Success: Incorporate cooling and relaxing activities like swimming, moonlit walks, or gardening. Be mindful of not overexerting yourself even if you think you’re close to a breakthrough. Remember, it's okay to rest and recharge. Set realistic timelines for your goals to avoid frustration.
  • If You Stumble in Your Goals: Pitta types will absolutely benefit from the thing they tend to like the least: stillness. Take up a meditation practice, or if that’s too still, a yoga or qi gong practice for some gentle movement. The best thing a Pitta type can do when struggling with a goal is slow down, breathe, and stay cool. From a place of relaxation and calmness: plot the next strategy to get back on the horse. 

Kapha: The Slow and Steady

Kapha types are characterized by their steadiness, loyalty, and calm demeanor. They are the toughest to disturb, and similarly, they are the most stubborn of the bunch once they get in a rut. Their body types tend to have a natural and healthy amount of fat tissue that can often be vexing based on American beauty standards. They love sweets and snacks; however, no different from other dosha, they tend to crave the things that will lead them to imbalances such as obesity.  If Kapha is your leading dosha, your resolutions are likely to be practical and achievable. However, Kaphas may find it hard to start new projects and embrace change due to their inherent love for stability and routine.

  • Resolution Style: Kaphas benefit from resolutions that bring dynamism and lightness into their lives. Slow and steady changes are more sustainable for Kaphas. They just have to trust that once their new goal becomes habit, they’ll be set for life. It’s the transition period between a new behavior being difficult to becoming a routine habit that the Kapha person struggles with. 
  • Tips for Success: Incorporate more movement into your daily life. Activities like brisk walking, cycling, or team sports can be excellent ways to invigorate your routine. Try to introduce new experiences and hobbies to stir up your routine. Even if your goal is not related to physical goals, make sure you are moving when you do creative sessions or brainstorming. Kapha loves structure and they are often inspired by shaking things up: regular movement or out-loud brainstorming sessions can go a long way in supporting Kapha types from getting stuck in a rut. 
  • If You Stumble in Your Goals: Kapaha types often rebel against the changes they make for themselves. If this happens, remind yourself that change is normal, natural, and often uncomfortable. Reminding yourself to stick to change, no matter how little, is the goal of the Kapha type. If something seems deeply insurmountable, Kapha’s are wise to break the task or goal down to its absolutely minimal parts. If weightloss is the goal, but the gym is daunting? Start with 5 minute sessions even if that feels too short, and add 1 minute a day. If growing in your career is the goal, make a list of the absolute simplest things you can do, increasing just a little each day, to make that happen.

Mixed Dosha: The Versatile Individual

Most people have a combination of doshas, with one or two being more dominant. If you have a mixed dosha, your approach to resolutions will likely be a blend of the characteristics of your primary doshas. Ayurvedic medicine is all about what resonates with you, and this is no exception. If you felt called to 75% of one of the Dosha tips, but also found inspiration in one or both of the remaining dosha: go with it. In Ayurveda, it is understood there are plenty of people who have multiple doshas showing up in their personality type including Tridoshic types who are a balance of all 3 dosha. 

  • Resolution Style: Mixed doshas need a balanced approach. Observe which dosha is more dominant in your current life phase and tailor your resolutions to align with that dosha's qualities. Take what resonates, and leave the rest. 
  • Tips for Success: For Vata-Pitta types, balance creative pursuits with structured goals. For Pitta-Kapha, mix ambitious projects with activities that nurture and ground you. Regular self-assessment can help you stay in tune with your needs and adjust your approach accordingly.
  • If You Stumble in Your Goals: This is a little more unique since it depends which mixture you are;however, just look at the tips to get back on track and combine them based on what feels right. 

Breaking Habits and Establishing New Ones

Changing habits is a challenge for everyone, regardless of dosha type. Ayurveda offers valuable insights into making these changes more manageable and aligned with your natural tendencies.

  • Start Small: Implementing small changes can lead to significant transformations. Focus on one habit at a time and gradually build on your success.
  • Be Consistent: Consistency is crucial for habit formation. Whether it's a dietary change, exercise, or a new hobby, regular practice solidifies new habits.
  • Understand Your ‘Why’: Knowing why you want to change a habit can provide the motivation to stick to it. Align your resolutions with your deeper values for more meaningful and sustainable change.
  • Seek Balance: Ayurveda emphasizes balance in all aspects of life. Find activities that harmonize your dosha's characteristics and avoid extremes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Embrace Your Unique Journey

As we continue to embrace the New Year, it's essential to remember that the journey towards self-improvement is highly personal. Ayurveda teaches us to honor our unique constitution and to always focus on balance. Understanding your dosha can provide invaluable guidance in setting resolutions that are not only achievable but also enjoyable. This year, let your dosha guide you towards resolutions that resonate with your true self. Remember, the process of achieving your resolutions is as important as the goals themselves. Embrace your unique path, celebrate your progress, and enjoy the journey towards a better you in the New Year and all year long! 

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