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Easy-To-Digest Spring Recipes

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) SPRING GINGER DAL Easy to digest foods is critical this time of year. The Agni, digestive fire, must be kindled and protected. This dal recipe provides easy to digest protein, functional foods that aid in digestion and is hearty without being heavy. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup yellow lentil (toor dal) ¼ teaspoon green chilis 1 cup whole spinach 2 tablespoons ghee ½ teaspoon fennel seeds 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 2 pinches dried red chili flakes (optional) 3 inches of fresh chopped ginger 1 teaspoon CoCurcumin Kosher salt to taste ¼ cup cilantro...

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Skin and Sinus Detox For Spring

The air feels warmer and the sun is shining brighter. As many people have noticed, the skin feels different than it did in winter, feeling itching, tight, or extra dry or oily. Winter is governed by the doshas Kapha and Vata. Cold, dry, rough, heavy, dense, slow, and cloudy qualities have followed us for months. Ama, or toxins, accumulated during winter start to move with the increased Vata energies of mobile, subtle, clear of spring. Without proper detoxing, these qualities can stay in the skin, despite the growing pitta qualities outside. With the renewed feeling that spring brings, we all...

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