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Cecilia Parker

UV (Anti-Aging) Skin Care

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) There is nothing like a beautiful sun-filled day outside. However, too much sun exposure and too little sun exposure both may have significant consequences. Like most things in life, balance is key. The challenge is to maximize the benefits of the sun and at the same time protect the body from damage. The skin uses sunlight to help manufacture vitamin D, which is important for normal bone formation. Sun exposure also plays an important role in reducing blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, and improving mood by releasing endorphins. Sunlight can also be hard on...

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Winter Skin Health Tips

Winter is almost officially here. Vata and Kapha are presenting their cold, heavy, rough, cloudy, and dense qualities. People may feel chapped skin, especially on the face and hands. Many people feel generally dry all over the body. To ensure you can have fun outside and take care of your biggest organ, try our Ayurvedic tricks for skincare. Winter tends to make us want to stay in and snuggle up with a good book or movie. However, we need to get good exercise during the winter months. This not only flushes the toxins out of the your skin but also...

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Fall Skin Care

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing colors, and the Vata aspects of fall are upon us. The cold, quick, dry, mobile, and clear qualities of Vata in the fall can cause a lot of disturbance in our skin. As the breeze picks up and the trees lose luster, we notice similar changes to our skin. We will discuss some ways to nurture the skin during this transformative season. Many people find their skin getting generally dry or in specific patches. This season can also cause skin eruptions both with singular blemishes...

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