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Spring Recipes For Immunity And Fertility

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) It's springtime and we have some ama to get rid of. During this season of birth and growth, some people are feeling the need to conceive children. The recipes below can help with conception but also nurture those without the itch to grow families. The reproductive organs are the last tissue in Ayurvedic nutrition to receive nutrients. They are the most refined and strongest organs that not only produce gametes but also the immune system. These recipes are made to nurture the reproductive system to support immunity, increase chances of getting pregnant, and burn...

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November Recipes

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) November is a dry and windy month. Most of the leaves from trees are littering the ground, reminding us that is time to let go and rejuvenate. This month, we focus on bringing warm, unctuousness, and calm to this transformative month. PUMPKIN DAL Pumpkin contains vitamin C and E, important molecules in strong immune systems. Chana dal provides clean and long-standing protein to make this meal hearty and long-lasting. Spiced with turmeric, an immunomodulator, and spices to improve digestion, this stew-like dish will please everyone in the family. Ingredients: 1 Cup Chana dal (split...

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Fall Recipes For September

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) As we wind into the fall, vata is on the rise. With school starting, many kids are feeling a little restless and put off. For adults, the changing season reminds us that the relaxation found during the summer is reducing. Sweetness is needed for this recipe; feel free to use either maple syrup OR honey. These recipes will help reduce vata and keep us warm as we watch the changing leaves. NIGHT TIME MILK FOR FALL This milk drink will ease vata and allow us to get a good night’s rest. Saffron will help...

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Cecilia Parker

UV (Anti-Aging) Skin Care

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) There is nothing like a beautiful sun-filled day outside. However, too much sun exposure and too little sun exposure both may have significant consequences. Like most things in life, balance is key. The challenge is to maximize the benefits of the sun and at the same time protect the body from damage. The skin uses sunlight to help manufacture vitamin D, which is important for normal bone formation. Sun exposure also plays an important role in reducing blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, and improving mood by releasing endorphins. Sunlight can also be hard on...

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Preparing The Body For Conception During Spring

Notice the shifting of weather, the fluctuations between cold and hot, the days getting longer. Spring is breaking through! As this week is officially spring, we are reminded of new life and the budding of dormant beings. Men and women attempt to clear out the clutter of winter and the sluggishness the cold creates. The body feels heavy and slow but as spring melts away the fatigue of winter, many couples think about growing their own families during the season of growth. This month, we focus on fertility for the couple. Spring is a tridoshic time of the year. Vata...

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Fall & Winter Respiratory Health

By Dr. Anju Sodhi (Bams, ND) Respiratory viruses have already started to affect us this year. We can hear the coughs and sniffles of those around us or have felt the aches and congestion ourselves. With so many different respiratory infections possible, how do we protect our immune systems from so many assaults? The answer is to arm our immune system with as many tools as possible to be alert and ready for action. The respiratory system is always filtering and removing particles from the air we breathe. Strengthening the respiratory lining, from our nasal passages to the lungs, will...

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